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Why ban the sale of fruit flavoring and open oil filling electronic cigarette products, and what impact will it bring?


Recently, Article 26 of the measures for the administration of e-cigarettes issued by the state tobacco monopoly administration stipulates that the sale of flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco flavor and e-cigarettes that can add atomization by themselves are prohibited, which indicates that after the formal implementation on May 1, all fruit flavoring and open oil filling e-cigarettes in the domestic e-cigarette market will completely withdraw from the stage of history, In the future, consumers can only buy electronic cigarette products with tobacco flavor.

Fruit flavored electronic cigarette

In the past 20 years of development, the shape evolution of electronic cigarette products has mainly gone through three stages. The first stage is from the closed and open oilable simulation cigarette category, the second stage is the open oilable large cigarette category, and the third stage is the small cigarette category. The small cigarette category is divided into open oilable category, closed bullet changing category, disposable category, etc. During this period, no matter how the form of e-cigarette products evolved, the pattern of e-cigarette consumption market dominated by fruit flavor and supplemented by tobacco flavor remained unchanged. According to the estimation of professionals in the industry, flavored e-cigarettes, including fruit flavor, are the mainstream of the market, accounting for more than 90%.

Then, why should we ban the sale of fruit flavoring and open oiling e-cigarette products? What regulatory considerations are behind it? Will it affect the scale of the domestic e-cigarette consumption market.

First, the advent of regulatory tide. In recent years, countries all over the world have issued relevant e-cigarette management policies. In 2019, the outbreak of pneumonia symptoms suspected to be related to e-cigarettes in the United States indirectly accelerated the governments of various countries to strengthen the supervision of e-cigarettes, standardize the development of e-cigarettes, and usher in the tide of e-cigarette supervision all over the world.

The domestic supervision of e-cigarettes began in 2018, first to remind and then to warn, from mild to tough. After the introduction of the measures for the administration of e-cigarettes in 2022, the domestic e-cigarettes officially entered the era of legal development. It is worth noting that the legal documents on which the measures for the administration of electronic cigarettes are formulated include the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of minors. It can be inferred that any products and behaviors that pose potential hazards to minors will be banned according to law.

Second, the temptation attribute of fruit flavor. Electronic cigarette products that prohibit fruit flavoring began in the United States. In 2019, in view of the widespread use of e-cigarettes by teenagers in the United States, the FDA of the country began to discuss banning the circulation of e-cigarettes of various fruit flavorings with non-traditional tobacco flavors in the market, on the grounds that such products have attractive and sweet taste and are easy to attract teenagers, and some brand merchants promote e-cigarettes to teenagers without bottom line.

The measures for the administration of electronic cigarettes stipulates that it is prohibited to sell electronic cigarette products of fruit flavoring, which refers to the practice of American peers to some extent. Of course, from the perspective of protecting minors, it is justifiable to ban the sale of such products, which cuts off the main incentive for teenagers to use e-cigarettes from the source.

Third, the emergence of electronic cigarettes. In recent years, the serious proliferation of drug-related "electronic cigarette" products has been included in the target of attack by the public security organs. "Shangtou electronic cigarette" is a new drug artificially mixed into electronic cigarette oil by criminals, which is very harmful to human body.

The electronic cigarette products of open oiling category support consumers to inject oil by themselves to realize recycling, which not only saves consumption costs, but also meets the needs of consumers for different cigarette oil tastes. Unfortunately, some criminals are waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of the characteristics of this kind of electronic cigarette products to illegally spread drugs.

In view of this, the "measures for the administration of electronic cigarettes" stipulates that electronic cigarettes with open oilable products are prohibited, which can effectively prevent such products from becoming a tool for criminals to spread drugs from the source.

Fourth, well-known reasons. The electronic cigarette products of various fruit flavoring categories in the market are seriously flooded, which not only has hidden dangers of product quality and safety, but also affects the market order of the tobacco industry to a certain extent. Therefore, banning the sale of such products makes e-cigarettes return to the essence of tobacco, which is more convenient for supervision and conforms to the underlying logic of two supremacies.

Finally, what will be the impact of banning the sale of fruit flavoring and open oil filling electronic cigarette products.

From the perspective of consumers, they will not be able to buy such products and meet their habitual preferences for fruit tastes. They will inevitably make new choices, either adapt to tobacco tastes or abandon e-cigarette products. From the perspective of consumer market, the e-cigarette market without the support of mainstream fruit seasoning may lose some consumers, and the scale of the whole domestic consumer market will change greatly in the short term.

Both consumers and regulators need to be prepared in advance for all kinds of changes.

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