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How does the e-cigarette industry go to sea?


After more than ten years of development, Shenzhen has occupied more than 90% of the world's e-cigarette production capacity, forming an export-oriented economic industry of "Chinese production and world consumption". However, the barbaric development trend has also given birth to many chaos, leading to many disputes in the e-cigarette industry. In the past two years, the industry has been crawling forward in disputes.

However, the zigzag e-cigarette industry has finally reached a key node. The successive release of several heavyweight documents at the end of November and early December pointed out the direction for practitioners.

On November 26, the State Council issued the decision on Amending the regulations for the implementation of the tobacco monopoly law of the people's Republic of China, adding Article 65: "new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes shall be implemented with reference to the relevant provisions of these Regulations". Clarify the legal basis for the supervision of new tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, and obtain the legal identity of e-cigarettes.

On November 30, the national standard for electronic cigarette (Draft for comments) was released to solicit opinions from the public. With the implementation of the mandatory national standard, a red line has been drawn for the compliant operation of the electronic cigarette industry.

On December 2, the state tobacco monopoly administration announced the measures for the administration of electronic cigarettes (Draft for comments).

On December 6, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau opened the channel for submitting the information of e-cigarette production and operation entities and product information.

Under the intensive policy, compliance operation and going to sea together have become the development direction of the e-cigarette industry that can not be ignored.

Some experts believe that the e-cigarette industry has the following three advantages: first, China has high-quality and high-volume e-cigarette technology support, and nearly 90% of the global e-cigarette patents are in the hands of domestic private enterprises; Second, China's e-cigarette industry has a mature supporting industrial chain and a strong industrial foundation; Third, the state's policy support for export trade.

So, how should the e-cigarette industry go to sea?

1. Group together for export and establish a major alliance of the industry in the world

Accelerate the export of the whole industry and let China's e-cigarette industry have a real market voice in the world. To achieve this, we need the joint promotion of leading enterprises and associations to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, guide everyone to standardize development, ensure the interests of consumers, and improve product quality, business philosophy and management level in all aspects.

Secondly, we advocate that the industry should follow the protection of intellectual property rights and use its own team strength to innovate, rather than malicious competition. In addition, in the face of the complex international relations environment, while strengthening and expanding the export end of the domestic industry, we should interact and unite with international industry associations and chambers of Commerce, establish an international alliance of the industry, build a semi official bridge, and support and expand our channels for e-cigarettes to go global.

2. Abide by local laws and regulations and protect minors

Before going to sea, enterprises should understand local laws and regulations. First, they must ensure that their products comply with local regulations and requirements after export. Because there is no unified standard for e-cigarettes in the world, each country formulates standards and regulatory system requirements according to the specific situation of the country.

In terms of juvenile protection, attention should be paid to every link from production and sales to product packaging, which determines that your product can meet the market development and the regulatory needs of various countries.

3. Explore the field of health

Yao Jide, chairman of the electronic cigarette industry committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, believes that the development of atomization technology is diversified and will definitely derive more application scenarios. Its development prospect is very broad. Our ancestors left a very valuable treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine. Many traditional Chinese medicine can be used as both food and medicine.

For example, jujube and Siraitia grosvenorii have certain health care and therapeutic effects. We can extract effective components from them, which is beneficial to human body through atomization absorption. Moreover, the small atomizer is also simple to use, which can not only achieve the purpose and effect of health care, but also be more acceptable to consumers. At present, many enterprises are paying attention to this work, exploring how to lead atomization technology to great health and make the application of atomization technology more widely.

In the long run, only domestic e-cigarette enterprises move outward to a larger international market can make the e-cigarette industry bigger and stronger, expand its influence in the international market and achieve a new height of China's e-cigarette industry.

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