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94% of Filipinos hope the government can encourage smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes


Recently, a public opinion survey on e-cigarettes in the Philippines has attracted attention. The survey shows that 94% of Filipinos agree with the government to formulate reasonable regulatory policies on e-cigarettes and encourage smokers to switch to harm reducing products such as e-cigarettes.

94% of Filipinos hope the government can encourage smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes

2000 adult smokers in the Philippines participated in the survey. The data also show that 72% of smokers believe that harm reducing products such as e-cigarettes are safer cigarette substitutes, and 88% of smokers will consider switching to e-cigarettes. Nearly 90% of people believe that flavor e-cigarettes should be allowed to be sold as long as they are not sold to non-smokers or teenagers.

According to the report, the Philippine e-cigarette regulation act can keep 16 million smokers away from tobacco hazards.

According to the Daily Inquirer, the mainstream media in the Philippines, about 90000 people die from smoking every year. More than 76% of smokers want to quit smoking, but the success rate is only 4%. The Philippine medical community's recognition of the potential of e-cigarettes to quit smoking and reduce harm undoubtedly gives many people hope.

Not only ordinary people, but also people from all walks of life in the Philippines are sparing no effort to popularize positive e-cigarette knowledge to the public. For example, Sebastian & apos baste & apos duterte, vice mayor of Davao, Philippines, and Isko Moreno, mayor and presidential candidate of Manila are among them, and they themselves successfully quit cigarettes by switching to electronic cigarettes.

At present, the Philippines is considering adopting reasonable regulatory measures for e-cigarettes to regulate the e-cigarette industry, so as to ensure that more smokers use safe e-cigarettes to reduce harm. Joaqui Gallardo, a spokesman for vaper ako in the Philippines, said: "we must admit that recommending harm reducing products such as e-cigarettes to smokers is a more scientific method of tobacco control. Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand have carried out perfect scientific research on e-cigarettes and finally accepted e-cigarettes."

In December 2021, the Philippine Senate approved the e-cigarette regulation bill and submitted it to the president for signature. While regulating the production and sale of nicotine products, the bill also further emphasizes the protection of minors, such as prohibiting the sale, publicity and promotion of electronic cigarette products within 100 meters around schools and playgrounds.

It is worth mentioning that Vicente sotto III, President of the Philippine Senate, is a strong supporter of the bill because his brother successfully quit smoking by switching to harm reducing products such as e-cigarettes. According to the Daily Inquirer, once passed, the bill will help 16 million smokers stay away from tobacco hazards.

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