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Will HNB market usher in the next feelm moment?


Looking back at the reckless era of the electronic atomization industry, a sentence once spread widely, "you don't care whether it's good to smoke, as long as you can smoke." at that time, the technology of the whole industry was backward, the products were rough and the competition was chaotic. If you were standing on the street of Shajing in Shenzhen and shouting, "I have an order!", you might run around and rush to pick up the order. However, in just a few years, time has changed. The electronic atomization industry has begun to take shape, several leading enterprises have completed listing, domestic and foreign policies are being issued one after another, and the industry pattern is gradually clear. How did all this happen?

Will HNB market usher in the next feelm moment?

Time goes back to November 9, 2017. On this day, feelm submitted a trademark application as a ceramic core technology brand. Prior to this, the ceramic atomizing core 2.0 product represented by feelm was launched in 2016, and mass production was realized in 2018. Since then, the dispute between ceramic core and cotton core has come to an end, the problem of taste has been solved, the product power of Xiaoyan has come out, the industrial capacity has been rapidly concentrated, and many brands have sprung up. With feelm, the whole electronic atomization industry has taken on a new look and made a qualitative leap. Therefore, the time when feelm was born around 2017 can be called the feelm moment of the electronic atomization market.

Similarly, the HNB market is now in its early stage. There are many active technical routes, such as resistance type, electromagnetic type, infrared type, combined type, or central type, circular type, three-dimensional type, etc. Their respective advantages and disadvantages are obvious, the contradiction between taste, convenience, cost and endurance is still great, the debate between different technical routes is still very fierce, and the trend of products in the future is still vague. In such a case, HNB market also needs such a feelm moment to lead the whole industry to a qualitative leap. Will HNB market usher in the next feelm moment?

The answer should be yes. For many people in the electronic atomization industry who experienced the last feelm moment, this judgment is beyond doubt. Especially after the release of iqos iluma this year, people's feeling has become stronger and stronger. Smartcore, which is automatically heated, won't break the needle and doesn't need cleaning. Isn't this the revolutionary product expected? However, people soon found that it was not fragrant enough. It has poor taste, preheating time is too long, contains harmful heating tablets, and the price is too high. The answer seems less certain again.

Will there be no next feelm moment in HNB market? Such doubts are not unreasonable. First of all, the sensitivity of cigarettes to appliances is not so high, and the differentiation of various heating methods is not very obvious. Secondly, the industry has been developing in this field for more than 20 years, with a capital investment of nearly US $10 billion. Shallow oil in the field of intelligence should not be exploited. Third, every big tobacco is a giant, and there is almost no possibility of pressing the wrong treasure to destroy everything. Of course, nothing is absolute. If there is a technological breakthrough, HNB products can also have the same use experience as electronic atomization products in terms of convenience, and HNB market can also reproduce a feelm moment.

The world of new tobacco has been changing, and HNB is a big opportunity. Never mechanically apply past experience in an opportunistic way. Everything should proceed from reality and be down-to-earth. The sea flows, showing the true colors of heroes.

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