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Following Hong Kong, China, Taipei, Taiwan Province, China completely banned e-cigarettes and heating cigarettes


The draft "Taipei emerging tobacco management autonomy Ordinance" formulated by the Taipei Municipal Government of Taiwan Province, China, was passed on the third reading by the parliament on November 3. It will take the lead in banning the import, sale and advertising of electronic cigarettes and heated cigarettes. Violators can be fined up to NT $50000. Taipei has entered an era of total ban on electronic cigarettes.

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As new types of cigarettes emerge one after another and become a global emerging health hazard issue, the Taipei Municipal Health Bureau has formulated the "Taipei emerging tobacco management autonomy bill", which takes the lead in stipulating that no one shall manufacture, import, sell, supply, display or advertise signboard cigarettes and their combination components, and a comprehensive ban on heated cigarettes within 50 meters around the campus.

The Taipei City Council deliberated the bill today. At the request of member Wang Hongwei, a comprehensive ban on the inclusion of heated tobacco products in addition to tobacco products was adopted on the third reading.

Lin Menghui, head of the health management section of the Health Bureau, said in a telephone interview that the regulations will be sent to the Executive Yuan for approval, and the follow-up announcement and implementation process are still under discussion.

Taipei Xinxing tobacco management autonomy Ordinance stipulates that unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, no one shall manufacture, import, sell, supply, display or advertise signboard cigarettes, heated cigarettes and their combination components. Violators may be fined from 10000 yuan to 50000 yuan.

In addition, the use of emerging tobacco products will be completely prohibited in statutory non-smoking places, and violators will be fined from 2000 yuan to 10000 yuan; Those under the age of smoking shall not use emerging tobacco products. Users shall receive education on quitting smoking. If they fail to participate without justified reasons, they shall be fined from 2000 yuan to 10000 yuan, and may be punished according to each time.

Taiwan's Health Bureau said that emerging cigarette manufacturers often mislead the public with information such as "harm reduction" and "help quit smoking", so as to expose the public to emerging cigarette products and other related products. Nearly 80% of the electronic cigarette oil sampled by the Ministry of health and welfare each year contains nicotine, which makes people who want to quit smoking and use electronic cigarettes more dependent on nicotine.

The Taiwan Health Bureau pointed out that the World Health Organization has evidence to clearly point out that e-cigarettes are harmful. Most e-cigarette aerosols contain toxic chemicals, including nicotine and substances that may cause cancer. E-cigarettes will also increase the risk of cardiovascular and lung diseases and may affect the development of the fetus, indicating that such products need to be strictly controlled.

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