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2021 top ten e-cigarettes list freshly released


As a substitute for cigarettes, the appearance, smoke and smell of e-cigarettes are very similar to cigarettes. Nicotine is turned into steam by atomization for users to smoke. It is welcomed by the majority of smokers, especially young consumers. Many young people even take it as one of their trendy items. But there are a wide range of e-cigarette brands on the market. Which brand is better? The following small series brings you the top 10 global e-cigarettes for your reference when purchasing.

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Top ten brands of 2021 electronic cigarette 1: Relx

Yueke is a small cigarette brand in China. It started early in China and occupies a lot of market share in China. Its electronic cigarette products include Yueke I replacement bullet electronic cigarette, Yueke alpha replaceable bullet atomized cigarette and nano disposable small cigarette. Fog core technology accelerates the transformation of 1 billion smokers around the world to a healthier and more pleasant way of smoking. It is subordinate to Shenzhen fog core technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the R & D of electronic cigarettes.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 2: Moti

Magic Flute moti electronic cigarette was founded in 2018. As a new electronic cigarette, it has been highly praised by smokers since its launch. After three generations of product innovation, Magic Flute moti completed the brand and product upgrading of the whole line in 2018 and entered the domestic market.

2021 top ten brands of electronic cigarette 3: Mr

As the first-line international e-cigarette brand of Baina holding group, Mr Mirui has a full range of e-cigarette products, covering entry-level to fever level products. The brand advocates awakening the power of the trend and is committed to creating high-quality and high-value electronic atomization products for global e-cigarette players. High quality control, extremely low oil leakage rate, high appearance value, more convenient charging of type-C data line, multiple flavors and high cost performance, which is very in line with the needs of the public and young consumers.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 4: Yooz

Yooz was founded by Cai Yuedong, the same uncle founder, at the end of 2018. On January 20, 19, Cai Yuedong announced in the circle of friends that yooz e-cigarettes were on sale in stock. Relying only on the forwarding publicity of the circle of friends, KOL, wanghong and other accounts, it reached a turnover of 5 million on the first day of spot sales.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 5: Vitavp

Vitavp is the first national high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic atomization in Beijing. However, it won the title of "national high-tech enterprise" and experienced many tests - including enterprise innovation ability, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, proportion of enterprise research and development expenses, management level of research and development organization and other indicators, which were strictly evaluated. Finally, it was reviewed by the Ministry of Science and technology of the people's Republic of China and successfully shortlisted after layers of screening by relevant expert groups.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 6: Blu ecigs

Blu ecigs is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands, with more than 127000 retail outlets in addition to online. It was founded by Australian entrepreneur Jason Healy in 2009 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 7: Kangertech

Kangertech is an electronic cigarette company that provides atomizers, replaceable heating coils and high-capacity batteries for e-vod products. The company was founded in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is an electronic cigarette brand in China. The product has passed ISO9001 certification and is a national inspection free product, which is loved by foreign smokers.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 8: Joyetech

Joyetech is an electronic cigarette company established in 2007. The electronic cigarette ego-c developed by them is to improve the portability of products and provide advanced systems with replaceable batteries and atomizers.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 9: OWQ

Owq e-cigarettes are developed and produced by Chinese manufacturers in Hong Kong and follow the international high-end route. The price performance is comparable to that of first-line brands in Europe and America, but the price is lower than that of other e-cigarettes in Europe and America. It has been selling well in Europe, America, Switzerland and other countries for many years. At present, there are relevant agencies in China.

2021 top ten e-cigarette brands 10: E-cig

E-cig is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic cigarette products. The company was founded in 2003. The electronic cigarette of this product has the same appearance and taste as the real cigarette. This brand has more than 200 flavors and more than 7000 choices, which meets the needs of smokers. It is a good smoking cessation product.

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