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Oregon has passed the online ban on e-cigarettes


Salem, Oregon - the Oregon house of Representatives voted to pass House bill (HB) 2261. The bill requires people to buy e-cigarettes face to face, which makes it difficult for people under 21 to get e-cigarettes.

Oregon has passed the online ban on e-cigarettes

"I was involved when high school students in my constituency contacted me and told me how easy it was for their peers to get these products online," said PAM marsh, a state representative from southern Jackson County "We all know that e-cigarettes are harmful to children. Nicotine in these devices is very addictive and can have a negative effect on the developing brain. It's very important for the health of Oregon's young people to make up for this loophole, and for Oregon's licensed tobacco and e-cigarette retailers to continue to do business. "

Marsh's proposal turned out to be a request from Oregon attorney general Alan F. Rosenblum. Kathleen Taylor, a Milwaukee Democrat, is the Senate sponsor of the bill. HB 2261, which passed the State House of Representatives by 44 votes to 4, has now been submitted to the Oregon Senate for consideration and possible approval.

According to the legislative assembly, house of Representatives bill 2261 "prohibits the remote sale of inhaler delivery systems.". It also "defines the" inhalant delivery system "and defines" 21 years "as the" legal minimum age for purchase "and" requires tobacco retailers to obtain a local license when operating in a jurisdiction with local license requirements ".

The text of the bill also states: "in this state, no one is allowed to engage in the distribution and sale of tobacco without the permission of the relevant dealers."

The Oregon State Law Council passed house of Representatives act 3461 in 2017. The bill bans cross state online sales of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. House bill 2261 will incorporate these policies around ends equipment into existing policies.

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